Can I interest you in some music?

I put out my first album, I Made You A CD, But I Eated It, when I was a sophomore in college. It consists of the demos I produced for FRED Entertainment‘s “Masters Of Song Fu” competition, as well as studio versions of my songs “MyHope” and “Road Trip.” In addition to those, this album features a live recording of “Road Trip” from the first show I did with Jonathan Coulton & Paul and Storm, and my first public solo performance ever.

It’s available as a download on my Bandcamp, or a physical CD from DFTBA Records.

My live album, The Same Old Songs, But Live, documents my Big Musical Graduation Party, a variety show Dammit Liz and I produced to celebrate of my college graduation and the official start of my full-time career as a musician!

I worked with local filk giants Vixy & Tony, Betsy Tinney, and Sunnie Larsen to make a rich, full band sound on some of my songs, which was a huge thrill for me and a treat for the home listener. There are also some special guest appearances by Marian Call and Jason Finn (of The Presidents Of The United States Of America).