Seattle Nerdfightacular

by Molly on October 30, 2008, 8 comments

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to announce this show properly and loudly on the blog (that’s kind of what the musician blog is for), but I played at the Seattle Public Library with John and Hank Green, known to a slice of the YouTube viewer pie chart as the Vlog Brothers, and met The Katherine Green as well, and Kayley and Kristina of FiveAwesomeGirls, as well as many other awesome YouTube people whose (user)names I did not have a means of writing down.

The show was seriously a blast, I had the time of my life meeting all these great people whose enthusiasm I will never be able to imitate in any capacity. I also got two standing ovations — though I maintain that this was due to a misunderstanding, and they thought I was only going to do one song. We’ll call the first one a “Misunderstanding Ovation™.”

To those of you who came up to me and talked to me:

  1. thank you thank you thank you, you each reminded me that what I do with my YouTubing reaches real people, and meeting each one of you made my year.
  2. sorry I’m such an awkward turtle in real life [or IRL, as you may prefer to say].
    At some point in the day Hank said to me that with YouTube videos, you only have to be funny or articulate 1 out of every 10 times, and then you just stitch the funny/articulate bits together into a video. In meeting me, you probably discovered that that is absolutely true.

I know they don’t read this, but I really want to thank John and Hank Green for even reaching out to me, and giving me the privilege of rocking their house for about 10 minutes.
I want to thank each and every person in that room for the Misunderstanding Ovation, and then the actual standing ovation, and for making me feel like a rock star despite the fact I was playing ukulele in the auditorium of a public library.
I want to thank whoever paid for my hotel room (was it the Penguin group? was it John?). The Red Bull and orange juice and Swedish fish were delicious, and probably cost you about $30. Oops.

Excuse me, I’m going to try and belatedly write a song about Paper Towns.

8 thoughts on “Seattle Nerdfightacular

  1. I want to thank you for enriching the Seattle event beyond my expectations. Said expectations included seeing John and Hank,, Q&A, signing, and singing (AKA dislexic signing). I knew some reading aloud was allowed.

    And then there was you. Your witty, wise lyrics, sweet voice, spectacular uke (was that a uke?) and audience rapport added immensely to the joy of the celebration.

  2. You totally made the evening, and deserved both standing ovations, even the “Misunderstanding Ovation.” That hotel room looks amazing!!! I love your channel (now that I’ve discovered it) and especially your rendition of “Crazy.”

  3. I want to add to the list of “you deserved both” comments and thoughts. You really brought it and made the show far better than it already was. Eventually you will ask you usual question and the number of hands raised will be able to be counted on one hand. I just know it.

    I only wish I wasn’t so damn nervous meeting you that I could have gotten more than four words out. I am generally shy and you are one of the people I see as “real” celebrities (as opposed to those fake ones that make movies and TV shows and must really be robots or something, not actual people), so my shyness was making it very hard to say any of the things I was thinking about saying.

    Plus, I don’t normally do well in crowds, especially alone, but I really wanted to get to see you perform in person again (last time was with Coulton) and none of my friends could/would take the time to make the outing on a work night at such short notice. It was worth it though. Great show. Great people.

  4. Hey Molly

    Nice to hear you had a great time (I couldnt be there since I live in the Netherlands..)

    But I wanted to ask you, what are the chords to Road Trip? I found out alot by ear but don’t know for sure.

  5. Molly thank you so much for coming to that show tuesday night, as that was my first Youtube event you made it even more amazing, (for the record Misunderstanding Ovation is classic and I am totally going to use that at some future point.) I’m not sure if you remember but you and I barked/yelped at each other for a a couple of seconds and basically you made my entire evening, awkward turtle or not, I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to meet you. and I will be waiting at the edge of my seat for your belated Paper Towns song.

  6. Hey Molly!

    I <3’d your concert at the library on Tuesday.

    It was effin fantastic.

    I really really hope to see you out here another time!

  7. Oh man, it sounds like it was incredible Molly.

    Do you do awkward boy with balloon? That is much better than awkward turtle. 😉

    Best wishes. One day I’m going to make it out to the west coast to see you perform, and hopefully get you to sign my fluke!

  8. The “Seattle….Public…..Library!”

    (and that was, as the slightly less nerdier Mr Green said, good parenting)

    Re: The original use of this blog….. Another obit. you may wish to consider is Studs Terkel’s. Mr. Terkel is interesting for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he was often able to do the precise opposite of what you find most interesting about Mr. Slightly Less Nerdier Green’s (and Mr. Newman’s?) narratives. Namely, Terkel could take personal stories of deep pathos and bring them out into the light for all, including the subjects, to see and appreciate.

    Oh ya, and just in case you need anymore convincing, Studs spent considerable time working for Mr. Glass’s home station WBEZ in Chicago……..

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