OH MAN conventions.

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Ok, so my schedule for this summer has been UNCHARACTERISTICALLY BUSY. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you.

I did a show during San Diego ComicCon with Marian Call, and we also did a ninja gig between an elevator and a taco truck.

I played a feature set at LeakyCon Orlando. (YOU GUYS LeakyCon was THE MOST FUN. Imagine VidCon but without all the problems? That’s LeakyCon.) They also hooked me up with a ticket to wander the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter after hours, which is incontrovertibly the best perk I’ve ever gotten from a con. Your move, Every Other Con Ever.

(EveryOtherCon would be a pretty good name for a con.)

AND IT DOESN’T STOP THERE. Tomorrow I fly out for GenCon in Indianapolis, where I’ll be playing a show (more details here, clicky clicky) and picking up a copy of Cash N Guns. (If you pick up a copy before I do and they sell out I WILL fight you.) It’s my first GenCon, and all I know about it is that there’s horseradish, and a statue of John Wooden giving a pep talk to some legs.

I also will have a solo panel show at DragonCon, and will be part of some of the same panels I always do (The Gonzo Quiz Show, the Fred Entertainment Panel, competitive hugging), but in traditional DragonCon style, I won’t actually know when and where these things are until about 2 weeks out. They’ll be on my shows page once I do know!

Lately I’ve been using a service called Remind to keep interested parties in the loop during cons, without spamming people on Twitter who aren’t at the con. Remind is a tool that was designed for teachers to send text reminders to their students, but there’s nothing that says a ukulelist (ukuletrix? ukulady?) can’t use it.

I’m still working out the specific details, but I’ll be playing musics at XOXO Fest in Portland this year, and I’ll also have a table at GeekGirlCon. More details to come.

Also, you should mark your calendar for November 19th. There’s a cool thing happening in Seattle that day.

Calling all nerds!

by Molly on April 18, 2014, 2 comments

I’m scouting locations for an upcoming music video, and I need your help!

I’m looking for working and operational factories, plants, and other manufacturing facilities in the Seattle, Portland, or the broader Southern California area in which to shoot a music video over the next few months. I want to see things actually being made.

If you have any tips on places in those areas wherein (1) stuff is currently being made and (2) I could possibly shoot a section of a music video, please please fill out the form below. I might email you to follow up with more questions, or just geek out about factories and industrial design.

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Ermagerd! Emerald City ComicCon!

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ECCC booth where

I’m part of NERD FOLK MEGABOOTH with The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, and Alaska Robotics. There will be fabulous prizes! I personally love nothing more than sitting in a chair and watching the cosplayers on parade, so I’ll probably be parked there unless otherwise stated.


  • Joseph Scrimshaw’s “Comedy Of Doom” panel show
    Friday 1:10pm @ Hall B (608-609)
  • Late Night Nerds (SOLD THE HECK OUT)
    Friday 10:30pm @ Raygun Lounge
    501 E Pine St (just up the hill from the con)

I’m also trying a new thing for Emerald City, and if it works I’ll expand its use to other cons I do. We’ve all had the experience of being at a con and the data doesn’t work because all the smartphones in town are in the same building, right? And then cool impromptu stuff gets announced on Twitter and I miss it because I couldn’t get Twitter to load. At DragonCon this year I found a workaround, where I turned on SMS alerts for my twitter account, and subscribed just to the tweets of friends who were at the con. The data network was bogged down but the PCS network was fine.

So this year for ECCC I’m trying a service called Remind 101 (meant for teachers to text reminders to their students, but there’s nothing in the terms that says you HAVE to be a teacher) to send out a few text messages throughout the day when cool stuff happens. Maybe I’ll be invited on a panel last minute, or maybe I’ll do a ninja gig with my booth-mates – I don’t know yet! You can keep in the know by texting the phrase “@mollycon” to (425) 440-3209. At the end of the week the list will be wiped clean and I’ll never bug you again (unless you sign up for alerts for the next con).

I also spruced up my website!

I moved my domain to a newer better host, and moved from WordPress.com to WordPress.ORG. And if you’re reading this post right now, it means it worked! I’m particularly excited about the kitted out shows page.

New video: The Year Of The Beard!

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NEW VIDEO! My first For Reals Music Video-type video!

This song’s an oldie but a goodie, called “The Year Of The Beard,” written for my (exceptionally beardly) friend Atom Moore‘s birthday a couple years ago.

He and Mikey Neumann helped me shoot this video during JoCo Cruise Crazy IV, and we enlisted the help of dozens of bearded individuals – who not only lent us use of their beards, but also sorted themselves into groups by beard shape, and then sorted themselves by height within the beard shape groups. Geeks! They are the best!

The end result is something that I am super proud of, because not only does it look pretty good, but I got to work with a lot of new and old friends and we had a great heap of fun making it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!