Calling all nerds!

by Molly on April 18, 2014, no comments

I’m scouting locations for an upcoming music video, and I need your help!

I’m looking for working and operational factories, plants, and other manufacturing facilities in the Seattle, Portland, or the broader Southern California area in which to shoot a music video over the next few months. I want to see things actually being made.

If you have any tips on places in those areas wherein (1) stuff is currently being made and (2) I could possibly shoot a section of a music video, please please fill out the form below. I might email you to follow up with more questions, or just geek out about factories and industrial design.

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Ermagerd! Emerald City ComicCon!

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ECCC booth where

I’m part of NERD FOLK MEGABOOTH with The Doubleclicks, Marian Call, and Alaska Robotics. There will be fabulous prizes! I personally love nothing more than sitting in a chair and watching the cosplayers on parade, so I’ll probably be parked there unless otherwise stated.


  • Joseph Scrimshaw’s “Comedy Of Doom” panel show
    Friday 1:10pm @ Hall B (608-609)
  • Late Night Nerds (SOLD THE HECK OUT)
    Friday 10:30pm @ Raygun Lounge
    501 E Pine St (just up the hill from the con)

I’m also trying a new thing for Emerald City, and if it works I’ll expand its use to other cons I do. We’ve all had the experience of being at a con and the data doesn’t work because all the smartphones in town are in the same building, right? And then cool impromptu stuff gets announced on Twitter and I miss it because I couldn’t get Twitter to load. At DragonCon this year I found a workaround, where I turned on SMS alerts for my twitter account, and subscribed just to the tweets of friends who were at the con. The data network was bogged down but the PCS network was fine.

So this year for ECCC I’m trying a service called Remind 101 (meant for teachers to text reminders to their students, but there’s nothing in the terms that says you HAVE to be a teacher) to send out a few text messages throughout the day when cool stuff happens. Maybe I’ll be invited on a panel last minute, or maybe I’ll do a ninja gig with my booth-mates – I don’t know yet! You can keep in the know by texting the phrase “@mollycon” to (425) 440-3209. At the end of the week the list will be wiped clean and I’ll never bug you again (unless you sign up for alerts for the next con).

I also spruced up my website!

I moved my domain to a newer better host, and moved from to WordPress.ORG. And if you’re reading this post right now, it means it worked! I’m particularly excited about the kitted out shows page.

New video: The Year Of The Beard!

by Molly on March 4, 2014, no comments

NEW VIDEO! My first For Reals Music Video-type video!

This song’s an oldie but a goodie, called “The Year Of The Beard,” written for my (exceptionally beardly) friend Atom Moore‘s birthday a couple years ago.

He and Mikey Neumann helped me shoot this video during JoCo Cruise Crazy IV, and we enlisted the help of dozens of bearded individuals – who not only lent us use of their beards, but also sorted themselves into groups by beard shape, and then sorted themselves by height within the beard shape groups. Geeks! They are the best!

The end result is something that I am super proud of, because not only does it look pretty good, but I got to work with a lot of new and old friends and we had a great heap of fun making it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

GeekGirlCon this weekend!

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I’m attending GeekGirlCon again this year, and (most excitingly) I forked over money to have a table! at a real con! It’s very exciting for me because it’s my first time officially Tabling At A Con and now I’m not afraid to fork over money for tables at other cons— and plan to do so soon! I actually have a form on this site where you can nominate a con (or any other venue) near you for having 100% more Molly Lewis at them in the future.

The Friday before GeekGirlCon kicks off, I’m also doing a show with The Doubleclicks at Wayward Coffeehouse (the only Whedonverse-themed coffee house as far as I know, though I’d love to hear if there are more). More info here.

I’ll also be at OryCon in Portland next month, more info on that later.

It’s been a productive couple of months. My secret(ish) Batcave shows in Seattle have been doing really well so far, and I’ve gotten a LOT of new songs out of them (which will probably be cobbled into an album by next summer). I wrote a song for Joseph Scrimshaw’s Flaw Fest kickstarter (which you can hear as part of his album) about issuing lethal karate chops to people’s butts.

I also wrote a theme song for Jenn & Trin In The Morning, and it is darned catchy. DARNED. CATCHY.

EDIT: Oh, hullo, one more thing. On November 2nd (and maybe going into November 3rd a little, who knows,) I’ll be taking part in the Extra Life charity drive. I’ll be playing D&D with some friends, and your donation can actually help determine what my character will be, and how well I’ll do!

Live album is LIVE.

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Today’s the big day!  I’ve never “dropped” an album before!  I’m really stoked.


  • gradposterNew live album from the graduation show!
    • You can download it now, & or order a CD and still download it now for no extra money!
    • Aubrey Webber (of The Doubleclicks) mastered it and it sounds much nicer than any of my other stuff.
  • I also have a small batch of posters left from said graduation show! (pictured at right)
  • is helping me to ship the CDs and posters, and it’s going to be awesome.
  • If you’re in the Seattle metro area, you can get a copy of the album at my SoulFood Books show on Saturday the 29th, and also hear NEW SONGS??
  • You can listen to the whole album on Bandcamp for free!


The live album from my graduation show, The Same Old Songs, But Live, is hitting the internet shelves TODAY.  (And thanks to the good people at, they can soon be on actual shelves too!  More on that later.)  The new album is available right now on Bandcamp as either a DRM-free download or a CD.  (And when you purchase a CD through Bandcamp, you also get a digital copy anyway, which is pretty cool.)  And even if you don’t want to part with your earth money just yet, you can listen to the whole thing for free on the site (or the player embedded above). Everybody wins!

And a NEW thing!  For a limited time, there are posters from said graduation show, also available on Bandcamp.  They’re from the same printing batch that we had at the event, and once they are gone they are GONE.

The CDs and posters are being shipped by, an order fulfillment house for independent nerd-type musicians. They come to me highly recommended from folks like Marian Call and Tricky Pixie. They’re in no small part responsible for logistics and fulfillment on Marian’s awesome Kickstarter, and I’m really looking forward to working with them because they seem to have their sh*t together in all the ways that I don’t.

If you’re in the Seattle metro area, you can grab a copy of the new album at SoulFood Books in Redmond on the 29th, when I’m doing a show with some other local ladies.  The show will also feature Sarah Shay, a fellow uke-playing geek songstress, and Katie Tinney, whose voice is soulful beyond her years.  And for this show only, I’m pulling an unreleased song out of cobwebs that has never been played live before; it’s probably the most esoteric and bookish thing I’ve written yet, and you won’t want to miss it.

And apropos of nothing, I’ve finally figured out how to use Songkick, which means I can keep my gig information accurate.  Huzzah!

I think that’s all for now.  Achievement unlocked!

School’s out for summer and/or ever.

by Molly on May 31, 2013, 5 comments

So today I’m excited to roll out my latest Thing I’ve Been Working On!

Last year I wanted to go out of college with a bang, and so Dammit Liz helped me to put together a big musical graduation party, and we called it “Molly Lewis’s Big Musical Graduation Party.”

I found out a few months later that they had recorded most of the audio for the show, direct from the sound board. Liz forked over the audio to me promptly, and over the last couple months I’ve been working on freshening it up to make a shiny new LIVE ALBUM.


I’m excited because the show was really great and fun! and meaningful and special! and I had a real live band! of actual musicians! :O I was joined by Seattle-based nerdfolk duo Vixy & Tony, their friends Betsy Tinney and Sunnie Larsen bringing the stringed awesomeness, and Jason Finn on the drums (including a rendition of Our American Cousin that I am so excited for you to hear). And it so happens The Triple Door is set up amazingly for live album recording (you may recall that the live Road Trip track from I Made You A CD was recorded there), so I landed in all kinds of pots of jam on this one. On top of that, The Doubleclicks’ own Aubrey Webber mastered all the tracks, and they sound bee-yoo-tiful.

There’s going to be a physical CD (it’s probably printing right this minute), and I’m going to try distributing it through this CD Baby thing I hear so much about. I laid out the album art and notes myself, with some beautiful photos from the show that Rasmus Rasmussen took. This has been a weirdly big and exciting undertaking for me, and I’m excited to finally share it with you.

It’s available for pre-order now on Bandcamp! The album will “drop” officially on June 22nd, the anniversary of the show and also of Ukulady Nerd Musician officially becoming my job.

Here’s a little taste of what’s in store:

Show(s) in Seattle!

by Molly on May 2, 2013, no comments

Dammit Liz just reminded me that I haven’t mentioned this on my website. THIS IS WHY THEY PAY HER THE BIG BUCKS, PEOPLE!

Bring your moms!

In an effort to add a real, physical deadline for writing new songs, I’m trying to host a series of shows in Seattle, wherein I promise to present new material at each and every show. For the foreseeable future they’re going to be every other month (speaking of which, we need to just decide as English-speakers what “bimonthly” means, because “every other month” and “twice a month” are VERY TOTALLY SUPER DIFFERENT), but my long game is to become such a productive song factory that I can swing one every month.

It’s in this lovely “listening room” in the aft of this bar called Copper Gate in Ballard. You may know Ballard from its Kingdom Of Cards, or for its how it used to be where Archie McPhee was, or from that that Seattle-based sketch show that nobody watched.

If you like boobs and vikings, you’re going to love the Copper Gate. I’m actually neutral on both of these subjects, but the Copper Gate incorporates both with tastefulness and panache.
Did I mention that the door to the listening room is shaped like a giant vagina? It is. But again, tastefulness and panache.

I’m excited but mostly terrified. It feels good to be terrified, though, and I think it’s healthy to be terrified every once in a while.


Hope to see you there!

In defense of the paper umbrella

by Molly on April 13, 2013, 5 comments

I like cocktails.
I especially like classic, Old Man kind of cocktails, because I feel really cool and savvy when I order “a Presbyterian, on the rocks” or “scotch, neat.”

Cocktail lingo is the COOLEST. People who have highly specific and jargon-dense cocktail orders are WAY hotter than people who have highly specific and jargon-dense Starbucks orders, and that’s just SCIENCE. When James Bond orders a “vodka martini, shaken, with a twist,” that’s COOL. But if James Bond orders a “half-caff upside down caramel macchiato,” that’s LAME.

The thing about these hip drinks is they’re usually sort of lacking in cheer or color. Sometimes you get some half-assed garnish: a citrus rind, or a maraschino cherry. Maraschino cherries add color to cocktails, but they are also saccharine bullshit and they are full of bleach and red dye. SCREW THAT.

Of all cocktail garnishes, paper umbrellas are my favorite. I like trying to open and close their crappy cardboard spokes. I like putting them in my water when I’ve finished my cocktail. They’re kitschy, disposable fun.

I can’t order most of the tropical drinks that come standard with paper umbrellas, because I’m allergic to pineapple juice, and sugary cocktails give me a headache anyway. So I find that I’m forced to choose between plain cocktails that make me sound cool, or paper umbrellas in cocktails that make my insides itchy.

In my lifetime, I’d like to be able to go into a bar and order “scotch, neat, in the shade” and get a straight scotch garnished with a paper umbrella. If I order a “Cuba Libre in the shade,” I want to get a rum & Coke with lime and a paper umbrella.

Tiny paper umbrellas are great because they’re functionally useless. Other garnishes claim to have a purpose, to add some sort of flavor to their host cocktail. But with paper umbrellas, their inclusion is a purely aesthetic choice. A paper umbrella shows up in a drink, and everyone at the table goes “What did YOU order?” Their only purpose is to add color and cheer, and I think the world needs more gratuitous color and cheer.

Let’s make this happen, people! Next time you’re ordering a drink in a bar, whatever it is, order it “in the shade.” If the bartender asks you to explain, be cool about it. If they don’t have paper umbrellas, say “I’ll just have water.”

Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred, with a twist, in the shade.

New Year, west coast, POSTCARDS?

by Molly on January 2, 2013, one comment

I’m about to start up the coast to meet The Doubleclicks and start our BIG WEST COAST TOUR.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been using Bandcamp to offer postcards from the road. Due to my shoving off tomorrow and not having access to a printer, I was going to close that up tomorrow, but I remembered as I was typing this just now that I have a printer at my house in Seattle, so I can totally wait until the 6th! which is good, because these are actually pretty fun to write.
Proceeds from these postcards will go directly into keeping gas in our tank so we can get from show to show.

  • 1/5 — Seattle, WA
    Wayward Coffeehouse, 8pm
  • 1/6 — Portland, OR
    Things From Another World, 7:30pm
  • 1/8 — Sacramento, CA
    Great Escape Games, 7:30pm
  • 1/9 — Palo Alto, CA
    house concert, 7pm
  • 1/10 — Santa Clara, CA
    Illusive Comics & Games, 7:30pm
  • 1/11 — San Francisco, CA
    house concert, 7:30pm
  • 1/12 — Oakland, CA
    Endgame!, 7pm
  • 1/15 — Hollywood, CA
    M Bar & Restaurant, 7pm
  • 1/16 — San Diego, CA
    house concert, 7pm

More info about any of these shows at

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